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Reports and documents

GMP-compliant risk analysis documents can be generated on a version-managed basis, inspected and released by authorized persons, and archived in read-only form.
  • The generation of uniform risk analyses in document layouts specific to your company
  • Release of documents by authorized persons via the integrated comments process

Lists of measurements can be printed out either per risk analysis document or in the measures module, for example sorted according to the project phase and the person responsible for implementing them.

It is also possible to import / export risk analyses and measures into / out of REXS.


Freely-configurable RTF and PDF templates for reports and documents

In REXS, documents can be individually designed according to your requirements and displayed in common formats such as PDF and RTF (Microsoft Word)

  • The printing of risk analyses, including table of contents, evaluation catalog, risk analysis team, Ishikawa diagrams, user-defined texts, etc.
  • A GMP-compliant document layout (consistent page numbering, headers, footers, …)
  • The printing-out of attachments

When risk analyses are approved, they are saved in REXS in read-only form. These are then at your disposal and can be retrieved in GMP-compliant form at the click of a button, for example in the event of inquiries from authorities or customer audits.


Innovative Risk Management Software

REXS is an innovative software system used to carry out risk analyses and manage measures. REXS was developed based on the VTU experts’ many years of experience in risk management. REXS is a system which is used productively at VTU and which is constantly developed with our customers and development partners for the GMP and security sector.

Risk analyses - FMEA and HAZOP

REXS enables the use of various methods, such as FMEA, HAZOP, Ishikawa diagrams or user-defined methods. It is the perfect moderation and documentation tool for carrying out risk analyses.

Risk assessment

With the help of modern software, you can achieve more consistent results more quickly.

Risk control – find measures and consistently keep track of them

REXS provides you with support in the search for suitable risk reduction measures.
Track your measures directly in REXS’ measures module, or simply and conveniently create lists of measures which are ready to be distributed to the responsible people at the click of a button.

Reports and documents

The simple and GMP-compliant creation of risk analysis documents, lists of measures and customizable reports – all at the click of a button.

Knowledge management

How often do you discuss well-known risks in a risk analysis?                     
In REXS, comprehensive knowledge of risks is available to experts at the click of a button.

System architecture and technical requirements

As a server/client application, REXS features an SQL server for data storage. The necessary hardware / software (e.g. client computer, servers, operating systems, software licenses for the SQL server etc.) are provided by the license holder.

Consulting and implementation

REXS software was developed based on VTU’s many years of experience in the fields of safety, GMP, risk management and quality management.
We know your requirements and are happy to support you when it comes to implementing REXS.

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